Surface Modeling

Rhinoceros is the most effective and versatile professional CAD, modeling by surface, to give virtual shape to your ideas. Thanks to the techniques and methods acquired during the courses, you will become able to model any object you have in mind also from simple conceptual or designer sketches. You will learn to create perfect objects by means the modeling with NURBS surfaces, which are widely used to manage the geometries through advanced tools of shape modification and control of continuity conditions. The result of the modeling will be used to present the virtual prototype using powerful rendering tools already available in the program or to directly generate the physical prototype thanks to the connection to 3D printers. Rhinoceros allows you to design with the desired precision, giving the option to export geometries in several formats to other engineering environments available to companies.

The Authorized Rhinoceros Trainer holding the course are university professors and professionals with years of experience in teaching and design within industrial companies. The course can be organized in a personalized way with case studies proposed by the student and agreed time scheduling and can be held in Italian, English or Spanish. The exercises carried out during the course are prepared in line with the specialization of the specific course. The most promising students, who have completed the course successfully, can be included in a business experience on a real case.